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 "There's deliverance in the fire, healing in the fire, but most of all, there's pain waiting to be transformed into power in the ‘fire" -Nichel Dunlap-Thompson




The lady who turns pain into power. Always traveling east.

                                   Nichel Dunlap-Thompson

Nichel's faith in God, and determination to achieve excellence in all things, is the reason she'll do her best to help others cross burning bridges! God has blessed Nichel with the gift of a pen, and the courage to share what others dare; but continue to hold inside. As you cross this bridge, embrace the journey as she has and know that the best is still yet to come!


Stay tuned for Nichel’s second book, it's already underway. "There is a fire down in my soul that this world cannot control." Life has become a daily fire of obstacles that need extinguishing before it burns everything around it down. Your deliverance is in the fire; healing is in the fire, but mostly - there is, 'PAIN WAITING TO BE TRANSFORMED INTO POWER, IN THE FIRE!' The power becomes yours when you extinguish the fire on the outside but refuse to allow it to extinguish the fire on the inside. When you play with fire prepare to be burned. All of the scars are visible from the inside!

Nichel has earned an Associate of Arts degree. She is currently completing her bachelors in Communications at Queens University, Charlotte. Nichel is also the owner of Production of Knowledge, LLC - a Charlotte-based business that is a 'mouthpiece for the mute and fearless for the fearful'. Visit her site at for details and listings of offered services.

The oath that she took in 2001, "To protect this country against all enemies both foreign and domestic" is the same approach she applies to everyday life. Serving in the United States military taught her discipline and adaptive skills that cannot be measured. These are priceless attributes in this day and time. The world is ever changing but her faith in God, a commitment to self; her marriage, and daughter, as well as to the City of Charlotte remains the same. Until we

meet, be well! 

Nichel is the founder of Production of Knowledge LLC, a special events hostess, personalized Hallmarks, & public speaker.

Painfully empowered


The Burning Bridge Crossed

There comes a time in life when tough decisions have to be made. Sometimes you are ready to make them, other times they are made for you. If you have ever been at a bridge that is on fire but it had to be crossed, this book is waiting for you. Even when you are unsure what's on the other side of a burning bridge, it beats what is chasing you from behind!
Open the 'The Burning Bridge Crossed', learn how to make it across without being 'burned alive'!
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