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The'Burning Bridge Crosser's Community' is a place where the fires in life that could have burnt you alive, will be someone else's water. The key to surviving these fires is exposing the secret to others - how to make it over. The different color masks indicates your 'Burning Bridge', and the purchase celebrates your delivery. In support of someone else crossing, stay safe as well as commit to showing others the way! Be courageous with your experience, share your story here in the 'Burning Bridge Crosser Community' through the purchase of your mask. When your marriage is under fire, when your job is under fire, when your children are under fire, when your finances are under fire - cross here to the other side ALIVE! The support and prayers you receive here, is your water that keeps you alive while in the FIRE!

Visit the shop page to purchase your color mask and T-shirt to match in representation of your 'Burning Bridge'. 

Nichel Dunlap Thompson

Nichel Dunlap - Thompson

'Burning Bridge Crosser'

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